098: Dr. Kate Jones: Honoring YOUR Journey / Radical Prioritization / Cutting the Comparison Game and BEing Selfish

Dr. Kate Jones, is a family chiropractor, dedicated wife, and playful mama of two. Her transition to and through motherhood, which started in chiropractic school, has been an interesting one that has shaped her into the powerful woman she is today. As a former Kairos Training Culture club facilitator she leads as a strong female example in the KTC community. An advocate for her son who has dynamic needs, she provides an empowering voice and support for parents of children with a variety of special needs. In less than a year she has grown her practice to consistently collect over 10k/month individually, while working 20 hours a week, raising two kids, supporting her husband’s expanding career, and overcoming postpartum depression and anxiety naturally. Along with blooming in her chiropractic practice she has developed an 8 week program where participants learn her SELFISH method for better understanding their own individual needs for self-care and self-love.



FB/IG: @drkatejones

SELFISH inquiries: theselfishspace@gmail.com

Kairos Training Culture –  https://www.kairostrainingculture.com/

Kairos Business Mastery – https://www.facebook.com/kairosbusinessmastery/

Meta Moon Challenge – https://m.facebook.com/groups/289948321681324?ref=share

Event – Kairos Presents


Mentors Mentioned: Devin Vrana, Suzan Rossie, Katina Manning, Grant Cardone, Daniel Dipiazza, Danielle Leslie

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Medicine Cards

Tony Robins – Unleash the Power Within

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