Who We Are

Raymond Daniels & the Kairos Training Culture bring to you The Artful Chiropractor Podcast where the top performance experts in both chiropractic and life are tapped for the keys, secrets, and principles that can be applied to enhance the performance of the art of chiropractic.

Our aim is to help chiropractors connect to more of themselves and to facilitate the development of the characteristics of an Artful Chiropractor which are:

  • Power
  • Intention
  • Integration (Mind & Movement)
  • Adaptability
  • Presence

By training the art of chiropractic in an effective, efficient, and sustainable manner, chiropractors provide SIGNIFICANT ADJUSTMENTS, AVOID INJURY SETBACKS, & PREVENT PLATEAUS in the development of their art. This EXTENDS THEIR CAREERS & adds exponents to the number of people they can serve.

We want every chiropractor to practice STRONGER and LONGER and to transform from the mediocrity of the chiropractic technician and step into their full potential as The Artful Chiropractor for whom the world is waiting.

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We provide weekly podcast featuring Doctors, Healers, and other guests with exciting information to further your healing practice.