068 – Cedric Bertelli – Mastering Emotional Regulation with TIPI


Cedric Bertelli

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Cedric Bertelli

Cedric is of French origin and has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years. He trained with the Tipi program in France directly under the founder, researcher Luc Nicon, in 2009. Nicon is recognized in Europe for having been able to isolate a natural capacity for emotional regulation through a landmark study. After nine years of close collaboration with him in France and in the US, Cedric is the only expert certified to teach this work in English-speaking countries.

During his years of work with Mr. Nicon, Cedric has developed complete mastery of how to use the sensory memory to regulate recurrent emotional or behavioral difficulties as well as PTSD.

He has been able to measure on himself and hundreds of clients the effectiveness and speed at which emotional or behavioral patterns, even those that are very old, can be permanently regulated when we allow the body to do its natural work.

Cedric decided to make this discovery for emotional regulation available to the greater public through education and offering high-quality trainings.
Prior to working with the Tipi program, Cedric was the Director of Restaurants for the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California.


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