030 – Dr. Autumn Gore – Creating a Potential Based World with Radical Strength and Perspective


Dr. Autumn Gore

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Dr. Autumn Gore

Dr. Autumn Gore

I am a wife, mama, Chiropractor, writer, mentor, international speaker and down home girl, RADICALLY COMMITTED TO LOVE. I have spent the last 17 years on a journey of self-discovery. After being introduced to the writings and philosophy of BJ Palmer and finally “getting the big idea”, in 1999, I felt led to begin the process of becoming a Chiropractor and have never looked back. I embrace life with my heart and mind wide open and know the true journey I was looking for was within me all along. I am committed to creating a space for the elevation of consciousness and authenticity, through learning, practically applying and teaching the Vitalistic principles of life. I spend my days serving in the Café of Life with my husband Tom and our associates. We have created a truly Innate centered practice that is centered around waking people to their own Innate power to heal, grow and thrive. As a public speaker and mentor for Chiropractors and students; focusing on personal development that leads to practice development. It is my purpose to be the catalyst that ignites audiences to find and be led by the strength of their inner voice.



FB: Dr. Autumn Hicks Gore / Innate Revolution

Find us at InnateREVOLUTION.com. and MLSseminars.com


The Work – Byron Katie

Most important resource: Keep a Journal

Spiritual Writings of BJ Palmer – Simon Senzon

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

Connecting with Dr. Autumn Gore

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