091 – Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic – Systems Allow the ART to be EXPRESSED / Reverse Engineering / Define it Before You CHASE it


Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic

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Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic

After graduating from Chiropractic School six years ago, Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic went on to build the practice of his dreams. A huge 7 figure, family based practice completely centered around principled Chiropractic care and the art of the adjustment.

With strong roots in Chiropractic principles and philosophy, Dr. Bobby is a passionate speaker, having spoken over 450 times to his local community to date, educating and empowering people to take action and live their life to their full potential.

Working with practices around the globe, Dr. Bobby also regularly coaches Chiropractors on how to create their own remarkable practice as part of a remarkable life. Following proven systems and procedures for practice growth and success, Dr. Bobby has now seen hundreds of practices also create more freedom while creating bigger impact in their communities.

It is Dr. Bobby’s strong commitment to the Chiropractic principles and communication that allowed him to win the coveted “Better Your Best” competition in the Ultimate Achiever’s Club, an intimate group of high performing Chiropractors from across the globe.
Dr. Bobby is an example of what is possible when committed to developing an intimate understanding of Chiropractic Philosophy underlying proven systems and procedures.

FB: @BobbyIlajesevic
Email: drbobby@theremarkablepractice.com

“Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill
Fred Barge and BJ Palmer

Connecting with Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic

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