058 – Dr. Caitlin Reimer – Recognizing and Accepting Change, Setting Boundaries, Finding your Womban Power


Dr. Caitlin Reimer

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Dr. Caitlin Reimer

Dr. Caitlin Reimer is a 2017 graduate of Life University, College of Chiropractic. She is currently serving the Bremen and Marietta communities her gift of chiropractic, as well as facilitating chiropractic growth throughout the US and around the world as a lead facilitator of Adjusting Ninjas Training Camps.

During her time in school she focused on training to be the best possible chiropractor using the program designed by Kairos Training Culture’s Adjusting Ninjas. She was part of the crew that brought the Adjusting Ninjas club to Life University and served as a club facilitator for 2 years. Upon graduating, she was invited to join the Adjusting Ninjas Training Camps lead facilitating team. Through this work she recognized the importance of a whole person approach, and took to other global, tonal techniques like Logan Basic and BGI (Bio-Geometric Integration).

Dr. Caitlin sees the individual as an entire being that either integrates or stores each and every experience and recognizes that stored experiences (physical, mental and emotional) can manifest as a multitude of symptoms throughout the body.  By adjusting the body as a whole, acknowledging the human being, and clearing the nervous system of interference, the body is able to function using 100% of its innate intelligence allowing for optimal expression of life.
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Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield
Books by Paulo Coelho

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