053 – Dr. Jordan Bonham – Undoing what was to become alive in what is – The Journey to Self-Love, Motivation and Inspiration


Dr. Jordan Bonham

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Dr. Jordan Bonham

2016 graduate of Logan University now practicing in North Carolina. On a conquest to unlock the truths of the human potential to experience a life unbound by cultural influences or preconceived ideals. Diligently working to un-do what was and become alive in what is.
FB @Jordan Bonham DC
Cell: 412-251-8573

365 Days of Wonder
The Power of Now
The Monk who sold his Ferrari
5 Love Languages

Articles Dr. Jordan is reading:
Tensegrity: the architectural basis of cellular mechanotransduction
Mechanosensation through Integrins: cells act locally but think globally
Cellular Basis of Mechanotransduction
Mechanotransduction across the cell surface and through the cytoplasm
The Mechanochemical basis of cell and tissue regulation
Cellular Mechanotransduction: putting all the pieces together again
A non-genetic basis for cancer progression and metastasis: self-organizing attractor in cell regulatory networks

AND more!

Connecting with Dr. Jordan Bonham

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