019 – Dr. Josh Caya – Resonance with your True Self


Dr. Josh Caya

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Dr. Josh Caya
Graduated from Life West in 2015. During his time on campus he was involved in many clubs including adjusting ninjas. Directly after Dr. Brett Jones graduated he became the president of adjusting ninjas and facilitated training 4 mornings a week for almost 2 years. He practiced at the Source Chiropractic for a year and a half until recently moving to the Virgin Islands with his wife Dr. Marie Savage to become part of the paradise chiropractic team. This April he will open a practice in St. Croix. He is known for his fun loving personality, his quantum mindset, and his intense dance skills. 


Connect with Dr. Josh:

FB: @drjoshcaya



Way of the Peaceful Warrior: Dan Millman

Green Books: Our Masterpiece, Bigness of the Fellow Within, Volume 18

Books by Alan Watts

Books by Gregg Braden

Anatomy Trains

Becoming a Supple Leopard and other books by Kelly Starrett

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