033 – Dr. Lexi Meleski – Being Resilient while Serving the other 90%


Dr. Lexi Meleski

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Dr. Lexi Meleski

I lead the most magically alchemized life. Growing up with always just enough, I knew from a very early age I was destined for greatness, or at least more. At age 10, I decided I wanted to be a cardiologist, because deep down inside it was weird to say I wanted to deliver babies as an obstetrician (or be a nun)… already seeking validation and wanting to fit in by society’s standards. Fast forward through private Catholic education, and working for an Activator Chiropractor, to a full academic scholarship at the University of Wisconsin, where one layer peeled back and the realization of not wanting to be a trained surgeon and cut women open to have a baby led me on the path to becoming a chiropractor and certified doula. Fast forward even more through self-work, hard work, heartache and graduating not knowing whether I’d be able to get my license to practice chiropractic, we are here, almost three years practicing in South Dallas. I provide care to our single income and working families, creating a nonprofit to serve in a greater capacity, and alchemizing the most out of what’s been provided within each “obstacle”. My mission is to be an example, to inspire what’s already within, and empower through awareness, education, and community.

FB: @LexiMeleski
Email: doctoraleximeleski@gmail.com
Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Gaskin
The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron


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