078 – Dr. Monique Andrews – Owning the Science to be in Integrity with Chiropractic / Cultivating Conviction Beyond Emotion / Neurologically Based Communication


Dr. Monique Andrews

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Dr. Monique Andrews

Dr. Monique Andrews has been sharing her knowledge and wisdom with Chiropractors for nearly 2 decades. Her dedication to the philosophy, art & science was recognized the moment she entered the profession. Upon graduation from Palmer College in Davenport she was awarded a Presidential Citation for Service to the Chiropractic Profession. The only student to ever receive the honor.
Holding both Doctor of Chiropractic and Master’s degrees in Neuroscience, the breadth and depth of her knowledge is vast. Dr. Mo is best known for her engaging presentations and TED style of lecturing, making even the most difficult concepts in neurology and physiology accessible to all learners.
While her brain is an obvious asset perhaps her greatest gift is in the enormity of her heart. Dr. Mo’s compassionate, authentic expression of life is exemplified in her belief that who you are as a person precedes who you are as a chiropractor.

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