007 – Dr. John Martinez – Evolving the Art


Dr. John Martinez

Dr. John A. Martinez completed undergraduate work at Metropolitan State University of Denver where he majored in human biology. He received a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California. John continues to be a student, attending many post-graduate courses, ever deepening his understanding of his craft and his role in the scheme of life. His passion is in utilizing the principles of life and chiropractic as a catalyst and opportunity for growth and expanded awareness. He is the founder of Pneuma Seminars, co-founder of the Tao of Chiropractic, and 360 Global Missions. The Pneuma approach is an unfolding and evolving work within chiropractic.

A radical transformation occurred in his own life while under the care and guidance of a chiropractor prior to chiropractic school- an experience that allowed many repeating obstacles and deleterious belief systems to be dismantled. This cleared the way for a greater capacity to inquire & tenacity for understanding the nature of life, death, healing, and the potential of the human being.

John is committed to serving people of all ages, and from all backgrounds through the art of chiropractic, helping them reconnect to their innate wisdom and healing power. He facilitates regular mission trips to other countries, bringing chiropractic to populations who normally don’t have access to this type of care.

John also seeks to help chiropractic students connect with the true principles of chiropractic despite the heavily weighted medical curriculum, passionately striving for authenticity in the profession and adherence to the roots of this work. His vision is to empower humanity to live from within, and to become guided by their innate inclinations.

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