010 – Dr. Lance von Stade – KTC in 2016


Dr. Lance Von Stade

In reflection of the year that has past, I decided to express myself in a poem. Cheers to this year and to that which will come. – Dr. Lance von Stade

KTC in 2016


We drew our first breath overseas,

Waved goodbye to symptoms and disease,

With head, hands, and heart

We expressed the art

And witnessed our breath become breeze.


Our family expanded Down Under.

We saw chiropractic and wonder,

“Can union exist

If we do not resist

How another delivers the thunder?”


The training camp in Kansas City

Turned out to be the most gritty.

With pouring down rain

The breaths were insane

And the cervical strikes were damn pretty.


The culture evolved and it grew.

Adjusting Ninjas: Level 2.

Adaptations were shared

As Europe prepared

For expansion of their field of view.


The training camp; Ninjas in Paris.

That diverse city didn’t compare us.

In England the same

DCs shared the aim;

Remove subluxations that wear us.


A crew had assembled in Dallas

To integrate mind, soul, and palace.

The ninjas trained hard

With special regard

For hearts in the world that grew callous.


Facilitators were assembled.

In waters of Tahoe they trembled.

The people that came

Would not leave the same

Once they saw the light they resembled.


An old trend at conferences caved.

Showing up just to sit has been waived.

Like Focus OKC,

For people whom they see,

Ninjas trained before joining The Wave.


Epiphanies come all too often.

It’s worthless to let your brow soften.

When Doctor Brett Jones

Gets the flash of “less-knowns”

A module you know he’ll go off in.


So Cal welcomed the Ninjas to train.

We entered the vortex without strain.

We floated our joints,

Compressed to endpoints,

And delivered to alter the brain.


Chirofest got a taste of KTC.

The Fountainhead training camp set many free.

We dove into Why,

I don’t often cry,

But damn it felt good just to BE.


The level 2 camp saw light whitening.

The bond of the squads is still tightening.

The art was pristine,


Guarantees to bring thunder and lightning.

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