048 – Jenn Rauscher – From Stage Performing to Chiropractic – Investigating while Listening, Embracing the Hula Hoop, Appreciating your Life


Jen Rauscher

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Jenn Rauscher

A lifetime adventurer, Jenn has walked down many paths and worn many hats, and has found something was constant through it all: the power of investigation, of truly listening. With a beginning in theater and dance performance, Jenn trained to be in the moment—to block everything out and be present. After a health crisis and a few career shifts, she now sees this ability to drop in as one of the best tools for a happy and healthy life. Jenn has a deep desire to share the power of tuning into what the body and mind are telling us in each moment. Through teaching breath through yoga or coaching budding aerial dancers, she loves aiding others in the pursuit to listen to that something special that energizes them. That something within each person that offers control of their health: body, mind and spirit. Now a first-year Doctor of Chiropractic student at Life University, Jenn knows chiropractic will help her continue connecting people to their inner wisdom and purpose. Always empowering others to investigate their choices, Jenn is determined to bring even more people closer to their source through Chiropractic!

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Omnivore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan
Ishmael– Daniel Quinn
Ted Talks – Storytelling

Connecting with Jenn Rauscher

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