037 – Rebekah Riches – Understanding your Experience and Expanding your Comfort Zone


Rebekah Riches

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Rebekah Riches

Rebekah Riches is a 4th year chiropractic student and an Adjusting Ninjas Facilitator at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Rebekah is extremely passionate about one day serving her community through chiropractic. She resonates with the deep connection that chiropractic enables and trains the ability to drop into these moments in every day practice. Through Adjusting Ninjas training, Rebekah has witnessed and experienced huge leaps in development and the profound change that a powerful and specific adjustment can make to a person’s system. She has a strong commitment to evolving her artistry as a chiropractor, to integrating sustainable movement practices for injury prevention and to connect with and honor every single patient on her table.

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FB @Bec Riches / Adjusting Ninjas Perth Community

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True to Form – Eric Goodman

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